Secure Email Provider from Norway

Posted on February 7, 2018. 0 Comments

Runbox Solutions is an independent employee-owned Norwegian company headquartered in Oslo, Norway offering secure email services. Norway is a pioneer in privacy and consumer rights, and in 1980 was the first country to establish an independent body to enforce personal data legislation which continue to be some of the strongest in the world.

Runbox Solutions commit to never disclosing any data to a third party service or to authorities without requesting a court order from Norwegian authorities. They do not track customer's usage, do not keep logs of traffic data, do not analyse the content of email messages for any purpose, and do not display ads.

Runbox also supports CalDAV calendar service which comes free with the email account. With CalDAV you can store your calendars on Runbox' servers using calendar apps on your computer, smart phone or tablet and keep them synchronized across multiple devices. You can create events, recurring events, alarms and also invite other people to add events to their own calendars. Additionally you can create reminders/to-do lists and use those in your favourite notes app. CardDAV support is also available allowing users to access and share contacts/address book data on Runbox' servers.

There are IMAP Import and Contacts Import features for importing email and contacts from other email providers.

Runbox email servers run on hydropower.

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