Design Guidelines for Creative Agencies

Posted on February 6, 2011. Comments

  1. A sitemap is required and should answer these questions:
    • How many pages exist in the Website?
    • How each page is reached?
    • Which template does each page use?
  2. Mockups submitted for review must be in PDF format.
  3. Mockups submitted as final design must be in PSD or AI format.
  4. Rasterize text layers which have to be cut as graphic. Text layers that are not reasterized would be kept as HTML text.
  5. All fonts that are not default Windows or Mac fonts must be submitted in TrueType or OpenType formats. See a list of fonts that do not require submission here.
  6. Use pixel as unit of measurement in your design comps.
  7. Use rounded pixel values in your layout. For example instead of making a sidebar 179px wide, make it 180px wide.
  8. If there is more than one page mocked up in a single Photoshop file, then assign a layer comp to each page. This would make it easy for developers to see each page and bring that page to initial state after they have changed layers settings during slicing.