Windows Web Development Tools

Posted on April 13, 2013. Comments

We have been using the following tools for several years now. They have proved themselves to be reasonably reliable and up to the tasks they were developed for.

Tool Purpose Author
ColorZilla Advanced eyedropper, color picker, color analyzer, and gradient generator for Firefox and Chrome by Alex Sirota
JSONLint Web-based JSON validator by Arc90 Lab
Notepad++ A free source code editor and Notepad replacement for Windows that supports several languages such as PHP, HTML, XML, and JavaScript Don Ho
smtp4dev A free dummy SMTP server for Windows that sits in the system tray and does not deliver the received messages by Robert Wood
WinMerge A free differencing and merging tool for Windows Development led by Kimmo Varis
WinSCP A free graphical SFTP and FTP client for Windows by Martin Prikryl
XVI32 A no-cost hex editor running under Windows; useful for debugging unicode/utf-8 issues by Christian Maas